The Number 1 Mistake to Avoid in Blogging

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The number 1 mistake business owners make when it comes to blogging is NOT blogging.  That's right, about 33% of business owners are not yet blogging.

If you still don't incorporate blogging into your marketing efforts now is the time to do it.

Don't be left behind and lose out on precious visibility and interaction with potential customers.

There are plenty of things you can blog about.

You are the expert at whatever you sell or offer.  Everyone is different and even if you think someone else already covered your field of expertise pitch in anyway!

You may be surprised at the response you may receive even if you blog about something that has been blogged a million different times, you are unique and the way you see things through your eyes will resonate differently.

Keep in mind blogging is not writing an essay or a book, you can write as little as 25 words and as many as 1,000.

Blogging isn't time-consuming and there are plenty of ways to schedule your blogging.

If you have a smartphone (which by now we all do) blogging just got easier.  Some of the things I do when blogging is I write down my ideas at the beginning of the week then throughout the week I think about the topic I outlined.

When inspiration strikes, no matter what I'm doing, I pull out my smartphone and start voice recording away.

When I have time to sit down and write my blogs, I go back to the voice recordings and start transcribing.  I use WordPress and the scheduling feature is perfect for me.

Sometimes I let about 5 topics accumulate then I schedule them a few days apart.  This way when more topics pop up I have time to write them while my pre-scheduled blogs are slowly released.

This process saves me a lot of time, you don't have to dedicate time to voice recording, you can do that while watching tv or cooking or with headphones, on the way to a meeting.  Many blogging websites offer the schedule feature.

Audiences reach you through search engines, links from your social media profiles, and even from your e-mails.

Google has changed the way they search and pull up relevant information for their customers.  It seems everyone is freaking out about this because rather than being able to list a string of keywords, now we have to create relevant content.

That is great news for us!  That means that only legit companies are left to compete for customers.  Now is the time to start posting blogs full of relevant information that pertains to your field.

As I said before you are the expert in your field, show your customers just how good you are.  Make sure to include your blog link to your e-mail signatures, and your social media profiles, and also share your blogs with your social media friends/connections.

Customers will either contact you directly from your blog or will end up on your website to inquire about your services or products.

Don't blog to become rich, instead, blog to stir your target audience's brains a bit.  Invoke some emotion out of them.

Call for a conversation or discussion about your topic, connect with them.

Consumers are now looking for something different.  We've never really liked pushy sales pitches but when we are offered free information that can help fill our needs, we want more from that company or provider.

Just look at Pinterest and Wikipedia.

Blogging is a very important part of marketing these days, it helps connect consumers to you in a passive way.

Get some Help.

Virtual Assistants are great at helping with blog management and even writing content.  Even when you handle your own blogging at some point you may be stuck with nothing to write about and that's ok, don't be afraid to ask for help.


To sum it all up: Blogging = good, not blogging = not good.

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