Should My Domain Name Match My Company Name?

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Greetings, greetings. I am very excited to say that I have a brand new client who is opening his very own and very first fitness studio! Whoop! I love the smell of a new business idea in the morning...its smells like VICTORY!

My new client is a personal trainer that had never owned a business before. We talked about the possibility of him breaking away from the box gym he was working in and doing things on his own. His clients like him and he is able to close just about any sales opportunity that comes his way.

His first question when fleshing out his website was, "Should my website domain match my business name?"



• It will be easier for your clients/leads to remember your domain if it matches your business name.

• Your branding will be easier to establish, you can select the same handles for social media.

• The domain does not have to match your company name 100%.

• If your company name includes keywords that can help with SEO, use it!  For example,, they help electricians prepare for the Texas exam.




• If your business name all put together makes a 'bad' or 'foul' word, I would choose a different domain.

(Check out the full article at Bored Panda, just click here)

• The domain that matches your business name may be already taken.

• Your business name does not make a good domain name or is too long.

• If your business name is a unique name, it may not make a good domain name.

• Your company name may not be easy to understand as a domain name.



In the end, it's up to you.


Let me know what your domain name is and leave a link to your website in the comment section.  I can't wait to check out your site!

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