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Are you listing your business in Google Maps?

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Last week I met up with a new friend who has a new local business. She was telling me everything she has done for marketing and visibility. She is on the right track and has put a lot of thought into this. She isn't wasting her time on social media platforms where her clients aren't hanging out at. That is a great way to do this. But the one thing she didn't mention was her local visibility. I told her, "You have to list your business on Google Maps!" This is the number one search engine and it should be your number 1 go-to when you start your business.
If you don't have a brick-and-mortar store or office but you travel to your clients, you should still list your business. Instead of adding a business address, (DO NOT POST YOUR HOME ADDRESS) indicate what your Service area is.
Google Maps is pretty user-friendly but some things can be overlooked if you aren't careful. Is this something I should make a 'how to video' on? Let me know in the comments!

Local Marketing on Google Maps

Not only will you be visible to clients in your service area, but you also have a few tools to help put your business on the actual map. Some of the best tools include posting updates, events, or sales on your Google Maps business page.  You can also share your page with clients so they can leave you reviews.  We all know that reviews are very important.  This is where your potential clients get opinions about you from past clients.
You'll also be able to list your hour of operations, contact info, and a way for people to message you directly from Google Maps.

Show What You Have

Make sure to add some photos that are relevant to your business.  Maybe post pictures of your team, happy clients, experiences, events, and more.
This is where you want to show people who they are doing business with and what they can expect.  Think of Google Maps as your dating app.  If potential clients don't feel attracted to what you have to sell or offer, they will keep swiping until they find 'the one'.
There are a lot more tools you can use but I didn't do my research and I have to make dinner, I'm very late. But if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them!  Again, let me know if this is something I should make a "how-to video" on.
Thanks for reading!
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