5 Social Media Strategy Boosters

5 Social Media Strategy Boosters

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Social Media Boosters.

You know those moments when the world seems to crack open and you never see things the same way again? Mine happened when I took a social media certification course and it saved me headaches and brought targeted audiences to my business.

We all know social media helps get your content out there. Many business owners forget that this is just part of a balanced marketing strategy. They get stuck in this overwhelming cycle of learning the newest ways to promote their business. In the end, they get frustrated and feel like they are running in a hamster wheel. Does this sound like you?

Keep reading because I think this is going to help you out.

Here are 5 ways to boost your social media strategy.

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1. Advertise.

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Even though social media is free, you should take advantage of paid advertising. This gives you a better chance of showing up in front of your audience instead of relying on organic posting. These days, even advertising doesn't guarantee you'll show up, much less your organic posts. There is just too much competition out there, sadly.

With social media ads, you choose who to target. You can target specific users yielding more click-through action.


2. Be consistent.

There is no get-rich-quick solution to social media content marketing. It's going to take you some time to build a solid presence. The trick is to be consistent, and patient, and share quality material. You can try all the little hacks you see or read about all you want but the truth is that platforms are monitoring our activity. If you get tempted to say, buy bots as followers, this could backfire. Don't be shady... be yourself and have patience.

Here is a tip: use social media schedulers like this one.  Such a time SAVER!


3. Interact.

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Even uber giants like Coca-Cola and others have teams that interact with their audience. They make comments on their forums and pages. This is SOCIAL media after all. If you want a loyal following, then you must set some time aside to interact with your followers. You can do this by checking them out and commenting on their pictures and posts. Obviously, you also want to respond to their likes and comments.


4. Use data.

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Do some research on your target audience. Who are you serving? Once you run initial ads, take data from your platforms to help you understand who interacts with your brand. Data will show you what demographics are most interested in what you are offering. If you don't take notice of your data you are kind of just shooting around in the dark. Use this information to tweak future ads and lead generation material.


5. Make great content.

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Great content includes pictures, captions, textual posts, and more. Great content on social media is a scroll-stopper. Do a little research and see what will trigger someone to click on a link. You can always hire experts to help you with this if this is out of your scope.


Here is a tip: Use Canva! - get free premium credit elements when you use this link.


With that in mind, let me add a bonus here.

BONUS: Hire helpers & Outsource.

Don't do all of the work. You are only going to burn right out. The best way to handle your social media marketing is to set a plan in place and hire others to help you. You can hire video editors, brand ambassadors, and even influencers. If you hire the latter, they can help you reach wider audiences who already love what they share.

If you hire help, you can save yourself time by letting them do what you don't have time to do. Or by outsourcing tasks that don't generate income, cause that is Your job.

I know how it feels to be running around in that little hamster wheel. That is why highly recommend you build your own mini-team on Fiverr. I have hired graphic designers, researchers, and even voice-over actors before.

If this information helped you, let me know!

Best of luck and thanks for reading!

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